Who should be vaccinated?

Vaccinations for children, adolescents and adults in Germany

From children and young people to the elderly, you should prepare yourself and others for certain pathogens by regular vaccinations. In addition, there is a precise vaccination calendar with recommendations on when to get vaccinated against which pathogen. The vaccination calendar is prepared by the STIKO (Standing Vaccination Commission) of the RKI and reviewed every six months.

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Vaccination recommendation for travellers

The vaccination calendar of the STIKO mainly applies to Germany. When you travel, you meet pathogens that your own body does not know. These can be particularly dangerous and contagious. That is why there are strict recommendations for what to inoculate in which countries and regions, and in some areas protection vaccinations for foreigners are even mandatory. Detailed information on travel vaccinations can be found here on the websites of STIKO. Nevertheless, you should consult a travel physician before travelling abroad to find out about necessary vaccinations.

Vaccination as occupational health prevention ArbMedVV (Germany)

Some activities involve an increased risk of infection compared to the general population. This includes, among other things, employees in the health care system through active contact with the sick, nursery schools with constant contact with young children as well as professional travellers who travel to infectious regions of the world. The focus is on both the personal and external hazards. Vaccination in the health care system is intended to prevent itself from spreading to protect patients whose immune system may be impaired anyway.

Employers are obliged to identify work-related hazards and take action. Vaccinations are part of the obligatory occupational health care and must be offered to all employees who have insufficient immune protection. The vaccination must be made available to the employee free of charge (§3 Abs. 3 ArbSchG).