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When do I have to get vaccinated? I have an allergy, and now? I will travel to Tansania, vaccinations required? There is more than one vaccine producer, which one is the best for me? My grandma said, that... true? So many vaccinations at one timepoint, isnt that dangerous? What do the studies say?

There are no stupid questions, but many, that we cannot answer on our website. This is why we have an expert for you. Ask your question to Dr. Uwe Rumbach. He will answer them - easily understandable, confidential and within a few hours. He speaks German, English and Dutch.

Dr. Uwe Rumbach works as practicing doctor in general and travel medicine in Bonn. With a particular interest in vaccinations and prevention of infectious diseases, he is certified by the major boards of the field in Germany, inter alia the German Medical Association, the Professional Association for Vaccinations and Travel Medicine. On top of that he serves as a teaching doctor and academic delegate for continuing education at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Univ. of Bonn, Germany. His strong voluntary commitment for our association started in early 2018. Today he is an important member of our expert panel and supports us with content issues. Find his full curriculum and a list of publications here (German):