School project

"Immune system, infection, vaccination: information!"

With our school project we want to address above all young people who will soon be facing their first vaccination decision. As the only association of this kind, we have launched a pilot project in the Cologne-Bonn area, in which specially trained medical students from our network visit schools in order to provide science-based vaccination education on a voluntary basis. The preparation and implementation is carried out by three to four medical students from a nearby faculty.

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At a glance

Goal Vaccination education, teaching of basics of immunology, voluntary vaccination passport check
Stufen ab Stufe 10 bis 13
Difficulty easy, understandable and tangible for every student
Style interactive lecture (with short group work)
Duration 90 minutes to two hours
Free! All our members work voluntarily in the association. Our measures are refinanced by donations
normally, our school visits are accompanied by a voluntary, scientific survey.