Social mandate

Besides clean water, vaccines are the most effective preventative measure against infectious diseases.

Vaccination coverage not only protects you from numerous diseases such as polio, hepatitis B or measles it can even eradicate them. Due to elaborate vaccination campaigns in Western countries, most people in Germany have never experienced the consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases.

It is often difficult to follow the current literature due to “fake news” and “populistic media influence,”. As a result, many people don't believe in vaccinations, they leave their children unprotected and as a consequence diseases which were thought to be eradicated such as measles are on the rise. Our Association for Vaccination Information in Germany (“Verein für Impfaufklärung in Deutschland e.V.”) aims to educate on vaccination and immunization and to raise awareness of topic. Based on the scientific facts, we want to particularly inform students to make immunization comprehensible for everyone and to improve the vaccination coverage in Germany in the long-term. Our methods include multilingual health education, scientific surveys, and the development of online solutions for reduced vaccination-bureaucracy.

Vaccination in Germany is a free decision that can only be made individually and correctly if there is sufficient information. I therefore cordially invite you to bring the topic of vaccination back into the public debate, to participate atour events, and to support our association and vaccination campaigns worldwide. Protect your health and that of others, get vaccinated.

Thank you,
Steffen Künzel,
Founder and Chairman