Eligibility for support

As a non-profit and independent association, we are dependent on donors and other forms of support. Therefore we would like to thank all sponsors and invite others to become one of our supporters.

Our association is the only initiative of this kind, that

  • is completely voluntary: In the association we consciously refrain from financial support from pharmaceutical companies or profit maximized institutions from the health service. All our measures take place on a voluntary basis and in the free time of our supporters.
  • goes with the trend: Our association orients itself at our target groups. The age of the Internet has also arrived in medicine. Therefore we work on innovative online tools to simplify the vaccination bureaucracy and education.
  • targets young and old, whether born here or moved here - the vaccination decision is important for everyone, so we try to make our information accessible to everyone. We are particularly proud of our work with fugitives, which is why we translate our website into German and English.
  • is purely scientifically oriented: In times in which research and science, especially from the Anglo-American area, is openly doubted, we trust in the study situation. All our information is science-based. To this end, we evaluate our measures and work on our own studies on vaccination prophylaxis.
  • makes a difference in the long term: We are working on the health future of all people in Germany and want to anchor our message "Vaccinate yourself" in society in the long term. That's why we test our measures for effectiveness and have conducted long-term efficiency studies on them

Jury Statement at the ceremony of "jung+engagiert", awarded by the "Caritas"-Foundation Cologne

The jury honors the initiative, because of its consistent fight against low vaccination rates in Germany and the declaration that vaccination is more than only a self-defense, but a social responsibility. The interactive presentations which "Impf Dich" presents in schools and refugee homes introduces to the basics of immunology and explains specifically to target groups what happens in the human body after a vaccination. On top of that the students learn about the social relevance of vaccinations and how to check their own vaccination card.

The jury honors specifically the relevance of the topic for the society, the unique concept and the wide-ranging services on the website.

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